Masks, facial expressions and facial architecture

Do masks conceal, hide, or reveal and show something? The game with the "second skin" has entertained and fascinated people since the beginning of humanity. Our face contains a wealth of expressions. Facial expression is a central part of our body language. While a bust picks up a physical reality, a mask illustrates a conceptual world of ideas. It can express a feeling, a mood, a character or an appearance.

Course program:
With modelling clay, paper, cardboard, wire, wire mesh, leather and fabric we construct expressive, wearable masks.
1st day: Drawings, sketches of clay and paper
2nd day: Small models, various anatomical and expressive preliminary studies
3rd day: Preparations for the construction, profile, pattern
4th day: Mask construction
5th day: Mask construction, examination, and reflection. Accompanying substructure with cultural and style history
Aim of the course:
To cultivate and develop the image of man with a contemporary design vocabulary.
To improve and refine anatomical knowledge and to deepen body awareness body expression.

The course language is German, but the tutor also speaks French, Italian and English.


27. 09. - 02. 10. 2020

Masks, facial expressions and facial architecture

Ruth Gossweiler
800.00 CHF 
Foto: Hans Schuermann