Advanced Stone Sculpting II

This is an advanced course that should be of interest to anyone wishing to explore the theme: Sex in Stone
During a longer stay in India I visited the temples of Khajuraho in the northeast of the country. They are characterized by a variety of erotic poses carved in stone. These depictions are more than pure voyeurism and speak of power, women's self-empowerment and a holistic way of life.

However, the subject of ‘Sex in Stone’ is intended to be more than simple reproductions of the sexual, although there are also examples from art history. Sensuality can emerge when form and surface overcome the rawness of the stone, when forms intertwine, when raw power comes out and softness overwhelms us.
Working on the stone is also working with the mind: What is sexy and why? When is something sensual? Looking for forms, chipping out forms and thinking about forms are all necessary processes in sculpture.
After a thematic introduction, we use sketches and clay models to approach the desired shape. In a joint discussion we explore the emotional impact of the developed models. Then the found forms are turned into stone. Using the direct carving method, we work our way up to the shape and then exaggerate it again at the end. The material we use is mainly Cristallina marble, but other materials are possible on request.
Lilian Hasler

Prerequisite for the course: Good stone sculpting skills (must have completed an introductory as well as a basic skills course) and a love for three-dimensional form.

The course language is German/English


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