Bottles, branches, bones, toys, fabrics, stones, shoes,...finds and fragments from our everyday life, become cabinets of curiosities, mythical creatures or futuristic structures.
Every material, every object is rediscovered and imaginatively interpreted.

On our course, we let ourselves be inspired by collected and found things. We sort, disassemble and combine as we like, connect and paint over until the individual objects, joined together, form a new object.
During the course week, examples from art history will be presented, which will provide a stimulus for your own approach.
We develop our own techniques for the different materials, in order to connect and fuse them together, to create a sculpture.
In joint discussions, we will shed light on the individual processes, exchange experiences and put our ideas into practice.
Please bring found objects, packaging material, boxes and anything else you would like to work with. In addition, we can collect and use things such as branches, bottles or stones on site.
Prerequisite: Joy in discovering and experimenting.

Foto: © U_Gunreben WIDERGAENGER 2014, Assemblage

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