The Return of the Minotaur - Modelling

Draw from the collective human memory of myths - think in pictures - translate into sculptures...

In my opinion myth fits very well to sculpture. We can and would like to let our imagination run free. What emerges is always surrounded by an aura of mystery, because it is freely invented, by whoever. The myths that come from the Mediterranean Sea also have a physical heaviness, and as sculptors this is very much to our liking.
We regard the sculptures in the Tiergarten in Berlin as a model. During the 19th century, Berlin sculptors often based their allegorical figures on mythology.
The mythological sculptures from Cubism are also lively and inspiring. We take pictures by Picasso, sculptures by Laurens, Germaine Richier, Lalanne, Cesar, Mitoraj and Ipousteguy as our model.
In one week we will model several small terracotta sculptures in different techniques. The aim of the course is to build up an individual standpoint on the subject of myth.


07. - 12. 07. 2019

The Return of the Minotaur - Modelling

Bärbel Dieckmann
800.00 CHF