Helping Hands for Peccia

Dear friends of the Scuola di Scultura,

We are all in a serious crisis. We have never seen anything like it. Many are badly affected, be it through personal loss, loss of livelihood or an enormous additional workload. The crisis hits us hard too and we have had to close the Scuola di Scultura. Since mid-March we have not been allowed to accommodate guests in our studios nor in the outdoor work areas. None of the courses were allowed to take place. In the meantime, it is clear that this situation will continue until at least the beginning of June. At the end of May we will find out whether we can start running courses again from 8th June. This is nearly three months since the beginning of the lockdown. The financial damage is already huge and cannot be made up in the remaining months. Like many cultural institutions, we have asked the canton for compensation. Their answer is pending. As an immediate measure, we have used the COVID-19 bank loan to cushion the worst.

In this emergency we turn to you, our many sculptor friends, our "Peccia Family". Hoping for many small, medium and large contributions, we have started crowdfunding in order to prevent the closure of the Scuola di Scultura.  As a privately owned school, we rely on the income from courses and events. These cover the fixed costs, which continue regardless of whether we have guests or not.
Last year we celebrated the 35th anniversary of our school. Together we can look back on many wonderful encounters and unforgettable experiences. We have experienced again and again how, thanks to the help of many, the Scuola di Scultura is what it is today: a place of inspiration and shared creativity.
In the current situation we are faced with the fear of losing it all. The consequences of Covid-19 leave us powerless. We cannot deal with this crisis on our own. We beg for your support.

We are very grateful for donations:
IBAN: CH77 8080 8001 6714 7022 3
Banca Raiffeisen Losone Pedemonte Vallemaggia
Scuola di Scultura Alex Naef Sagl

IBAN: DE97 3704 0048 0819 1637 00
Commerzbank, Köln
Scuola di Scultura Alex Naef Sagl

If you want to participate in the Crowdfunding Project, you can find more information and the so-called "Rewards" that we offer to you as gestures of gratitude here:

Hoping to see you again soon in Peccia, we send you our best wishes from the Ticino mountains!

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