Sculpture Trail 2006


Forms and Figures by Pi Ledergerber and Daniel Eggli - two sculptors in dialogue.

Pi Ledergerber

"The sculptures - his stele, pillars, slabs, cubes and cuboids have a tremendous presence. In these layered, moving and fragile sculptures, the artist lets us forget the characteristic weight, strength and force of the stone. He asks us to penetrate the stonesculptures with our senses of sight and touch so that they will become for us a sensory and spiritual experience." Stella Barmettler

Daniel Eggli

Out of a tree trunk I saw figure after figure. I create businessladies in costumes, gentlemen in suits carrying mobilephones and laptops, waiting taxis and black limousines - Right now I add a new figure to the others. It looks as if the figure wants to walk away even though it is standing still. It is moving after all and is following the rest. Where to, I ask? Daniel Eggli, Katalog "grosse Leute"


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