Association "Pro Scuola di Scultura"

In 1998 the "Gönnerverein" was established with the aim of promoting and supporting the artistic and educational work and ethos of the sculpture school.

Board of Trustees:

Klaus Eichler, President
Heinz Brehm, Vice President
Thomas Renggli, Vice President
Almute Grossmann-Naef, Member of the Board
Alex Naef, Member of the Board

Activities of the Association

The patrons organise exhibitions in public spaces, publications, lectures on the theme of sculpture and much more. The book «Marmor macht Schule» (published September 2011 at the Hauptverlag, Bern, Stuttgart, Wien, in a German and an Italian edition) received crucial support from the Patrons’ Association.

Since April 2012 the patrons of the school have been running and maintaining the Infocentro of the sculpture school in the Museo Valemaggia in Cevio. Thus the attention of many visitors is drawn to the Scuola. In order to support the graduates of the further training courses (Wbk), the patrons added an extension to the Infocentro in 2014 thereby creating an attractive exhibition room for sculptures and also for more fragile works.

At present there is no marble-processing work going on in Peccia. The Scuola is renting some of the former Cristallina compound and has adapted its infrastructure with the help of the Patrons’ Association. A part of the building is now open to tourists. It houses a second Infocentro where trilingual exhibition panels describe and illustrate the school in word and vision. In 2020 the Scuola di Scultura was faced with great challenges in order to overcome the three-month lockdown. With the active help of the Patrons‘ Association, the lay-out and organisation of the Scuola di Scultura was adapted to meet the new rules and regulations of the Corona crisis.

Thanks to the many dedicated sculptors, many helping hands and, last but not least the patrons, the activities of the Scuola di Scultura and its ethos and opportunities can be sustained.

The school operates without any financial help from the government. The Patrons’ Association is therefore dependent on your support.

If you would like to become a member and support this special initiative we would ask you to pay a yearly fee of only Fr.50.00. It is of course possible to make a personal donation as a one-off contribution.

We will be happy to send you further information on request...

You can reach us at:

Almute Grossmann-Naef


Panorama Scuola di Scultura

The patrons' association of the Scuola di Scultura has been operating an Infocentro in the former Cristallina building in Peccia since 2012. At the AGM in May 2022, a motion was passed to realize a platform to present selected sculptures to a wide audience. In a 3-year pilot project, Ursula Rutishauser and Doris Kuhn will oversee this selection of works, which will be shown as part of the Infocentro. The Panorama of the Scuola di Scultura offers course participants and freelance artists the opportunity to show objects and drawings at the place of their creation. The works on display are intended to attract visitors to Peccia and to make visible what is being worked on at the Scuola di Scultura. If desired, these works can be offered for sale.

Who is interested in 2024? Applications by the end of December 2023. A PDF provides more information online. For questions, please contact Ursula Rutishauser, or Doris Kuhn,

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