Scultural... mente Peccia 2015

Exhibiting Artists:
Hans Bach, Hansulrich Beer, Erika Bopp, Daniel Eggli, Vaclav Elias, Urs Fritz, Lilian Hasler, Daniel Hardmeier, Roland Hotz, Thomas Hunziker, Annegret Kon, Pi Ledergerber, Margrit Leuthold, LETO | Markus Meyle, Nicholas Micros, Werner Naef, Hanspeter Profunser, Zdenek Roudnicky, René Staub, Daniel Stiefel, Fredi Thalmann, Ingrid Tekenbroek, Parthena Tsanakidou
Curating: Roland Hotz

Exhibition open from 2nd May - 25th October 2015


This year, however, it is not the course participants who will exhibit their work. On this special occasion, the public will be given an opportunity to appreciate the unique sculptural works of the school’s tutors. The sculptures, some of them arranged in groups, will be laid out across the village centre and in the adjoining narrow streets. Some exhibits will be immediately eyecatching whereas others will be hardly noticeable. It is hoped that those who experience the exhibition will be stimulated by what they see and feel.

We wish all our visitors a very enjoyable stroll through Peccia!

Opening concert: on 2nd of May at 5.00pm

Céline Pasche, recorder
Corinne Raymond-Jarczyk, baroque violin
Cristina Vidoni, baroque cello
Tizian Naef, harpsichord

Location: Church, Peccia

VIDEO-CLIP online...

Aperitif at 6.30pm, Ristorante Medici

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