WBK Abschluss 2013

In diesem Jahr findet die Abschlussausstellung von vier AbsolventInnen vom 28.09. - 27.10. 2013 im Innenhof des Museo di Valmaggia in Cevio statt.

Opening last weekend in september, closing after 4 weeks with the exam and award of the certificate WBK.

Vernissage on 28th September 2013

at 3 p.m.

Finissage on 27th October 2013

at 11 a.m.

Both events take place in the Museo di Valmaggia in Cevio. Afterwards, all guests are invited to an aperitif.


Christoph Flückiger, worked on the theme: Plica ex plica, zur Ästhetik der Falte

Ute Lustenberger, worked on the theme: Akt in Abstraktion

Sabine Schlick, worked on the theme: Bewegung im ZwischenRaum

Ingrid Städeli, worked on the theme: Ur-Teile, Urteil als/und Sprach-Körper

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