Almute Grossmann-Naef

Almute Grossmann-Naef

Studied art education, art therapy and cultur management. Director of the Scuola di Scultura di Peccia.

Born 1973 in Heidenheim/Brenz in Germany. After passing her Abitur in 1992 she chose to do voluntary social work at the Psychiatric Clinic "Landeskrankenhaus Weinsberg" (1993-1994). 1993-1994: Studied at the "Freie Kunstschule" (Art College) in Stuttgart. 1995-1999: Studied art therapy and art education in Ottersberg (Bremen). Diploma. 2000-01: Employed as art therapist at the "Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus" Herdecke. She has been working at the Scuola di Scultura since 2001. Since 1997 she has exhibited several times in Germany and in Switzerland. Since 2004-2005 / 2010-2012 she is studying "Kulturmanagement" at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Lucerne. 2013 MAS HSLU "Kulturmanagement Praxis", Luzern. See also

Languages: German, Italian, English


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