Creative Design with Papier Mâché

Paper has not always been a part of everyday living and today paper is being wasted everywhere. After its invention about 1700 years ago paper was considered for a long time as something very special.

For centuries it was used as a means for spreading ideas and news. Then, in the 17th and 18th centuries, craftsmen and artists began to use it to create amazing objects of art.

Too good to be used only once

Utilizing waste paper we will use our imagination to create objects or figures up to a height of life-size. These papier mâché sculptures are to be supported by a wood or wire frame. They will not be painted. Any colour, e.g. the patterns on clothing, will be brought about by the skilful selection of paper with its printed articles and colourful designs so that it looks as if paint has been applied.

Allow yourself to be inspired, begin to experiment and you will discover the amazing versatility of paper.

Cost of materials: SFr. 80.00 to 100.00.


The course language is German.


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