PIETRA e acqua - sculture nel parco

Sculptures in the Park

Art exhibition at the Parkhotel Delta, Ascona: STONE and Water - Sculptures in the Park. The Sculpture School of Peccia exhibits works of art by twenty artists from March 2008 until the end of octobre 2012.

The Sculpture School of Peccia (exhibitor) and the (host) join forces to make this exhibition accessible to the general public. This initiative is to be another highlight in the cultural life of Locarno.

The abundance of rock in the Vallemaggia inspired the idea to display sculptures from Peccia-Marble and Maggia-Gneiss on the Maggia river delta.

Peccia-Marble and Maggia-Gneiss are the result of a continual geological transformation over millions of years. The alluvial deposits of the Maggia have shaped the delta of Ascona over thousands of years and today the Parkhotel Delta is situated on this massive, semicircular and flat alluvial land.

Stone and water are the predominant elements that have shaped this wild romantic landscape, hence they are the central theme of this exhibition. The sculptures and objects portray the theme "Stone and Water" in a pictorial or symbolic way, or as a theme thereby giving the viewer an opportunity to study the interconnection between the two elements. The display consists of original, bold, innovative as well as calm and meditative works of art.

The location of the exhibition is the large subtropical park of the Parkhotel Delta. It is open to the public and there is no entrance fee. The bright and spacious park is an ideal setting for the display of sculptures, a place of relaxation and inspiration for visitors.

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