The Scuola di Scultura in Morcote

The Scuola di Scultura is visiting the Piazza Grande in Morcote with the works by Axel Svensson, Ernst Kull and Marzio Campana.

Vernissage: June 3, 2023, 11 a.m.

Exhibition duration: June 2023 to May 31, 2024.
Open to the public and free of charge at any time.

Starting in February 2021, on the banks of the Ceresio River, on the Piazza Grande in Morcote, there is a splendid vitrine dedicated to the School of Sculpture. This year, large-scale and fragile sculptures made of local Cristallina marble are presented under the arches. They are equally abstract figurative sculptures, as representational. 

In Peccia, situated high in the Ticino Alps, is the Scuola di Scultura which has been in existence since 1984. The professional teaching and guidance and the special ambience, characterised by the strong and beautiful nature of the upper Maggia valley, offer optimal conditions to immerse yourself in the world of fine arts. With its wide range of courses, the sculpture school opens up to its participants a wealth of opportunities to create works of art with marble and other materials.


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