Odyssey - the vagaries of life - Modeling

Draw from the collective human memory of myths - think in pictures - translate into sculptures ...
The course is about the comprehension of life’s stories.

In my opinion myth goes well with sculpture. Let us allow our imagination to run free on this course! What emerges will always be surrounded by an aura of mystery, because it is freely invented, by whosoever. The myths that come from the Mediterranean Sea tend to have a physical heaviness, and for us sculptors this is very much to our liking. The myth of Odysseus is also inspired by a high degree of poetic imagination and life experience. Please bring along a notebook in which you can draw and write. It is a good way of developing ideas and can be a memory aid of what has been learnt. We welcome it when participants express their own opinions or personal experiences and ideas on the topic.
In this course week we will create several small terracotta sculptures using different techniques.  The objects can then be beautifully fired in terracotta. Thus they will have their own physical appeal as a work of art. The aim of the course is to build up an individual standpoint on the subject of “Odyssey as a Way if Life”.


12. - 17. 07. 2020

Odyssey - the vagaries of life - Modeling

Bärbel Dieckmann
800.00 CHF