Metal casting

Working in the midst of a natural environment this creative course will be an unforgettable and magical experience. Casting molds will be prepared in the workshop, and various metals will be alloyed.

These will afterwards be melted outdoors in a modern furnace and then cast in the prepared molds. We will explore techniques like the lost wax technique and sand molding. This course shows clearly that the cast does not have to be a skilled work of art but, rather, that the work of art lies in its artistic expression. To experiment is what is desired on this course!
Course participants are encouraged to work freely and independently, and they can use metals like tin, lead, aluminium and bronze.

On this course there will be an additional charge of CHF 160.- for materials. These include five kilograms of bronze for each course participant. In addition to that metals can be obtained from the school for the standard prices.

The course language is German, but the tutors also speaks English.


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