Andreas Küng

Andreas Küng

Born in 1957, Swiss-French dual citizen. Geologist and conservation scientist. Since 2007 research activities and lecturing at the University of Applied Sciences Lugano (SUPSI). Retires in 2021 and will, for the first time, hold a geology seminar at the Scuola di Scultura in Peccia.

Study of geology at the ETH Zurich, diploma thesis in the Adamello Mountains. With the participation in the national research program “Methods for the Preservation of Cultural Assets”, begins the specialization in the field of conservation science and employment as a research assistant at the Institute and Expert Center for Monument Preservation at the ETH Zurich until the end of 2007.

From 2005-2007: worked for the Achi Association within the context of the conservation of wall paintings in Buddhist temples in Ladakh. 2006: Project manager of the conservation concept including maintenance plan for the Lion Monument in Lucerne.

Since 2007: research and lecturing activity at the University of Applied Sciences Lugano (SUPSI) in the field of conservation and restoration of wall paintings, stucco, architectural surfaces and natural stone.

2007: Research for the purpose of restoring the original polychromy in the Teatro San Materno in Ascona.

From 2008: Responsible for the scientific studies of the original colour design of various buildings on Monte Verità, Ascona (Albergo, Casa Selma, Casa dei Russi).

2008-2010: Head of the SNF project “The Open-Air Sculptures of the City of Lugano: an application of preventive conservation management”. Lecturing and supervision of Bachelor and Master theses at the Bern University of the Arts, Conservation and Restoration Department.

Until summer 2020: Responsible for the Conservation and Restoration Department at SUPSI.

Retires in March 2021.


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