Direct modelling of a human figure with plaster

To create a figure using the direct plaster modelling technique, we start with photographs of a human body. By drawing the various positions of a life model, we develop a deeper understanding of the human body. This will enable us to prepare corresponding armatures, onto which we can add plaster, using the direct modelling technique. We will learn the basics of the proportions and volumes of the human figure and learn about the possibilities and tricks of working with plaster of paris. The size of the sculptures will be a maximum of H 75 cm. A model will be present on three half-days.

Course objective:

At the end of the course, the participants will have completed one or more sculptures. The plaster of paris can be the definitive material thanks to its colours and patina, or it can serve as an intermediate step, if the figure is to be converted into bronze in the art foundry. In order to be able to work independently, participants will need to learn the technical basics, as well as the basics of composition, proportions and surface treatments.

You will learn the basics of the coherent positioning of a human body, avoiding the most common mistakes. You will learn all the steps, to get from the first idea to the sketch to the three-dimensional sculpture.

By analysing various works of classical modernism, you will discover the “secrets of the craft”...

The course language is Italian, but the tutor also speaks English and Spanish.

There is an additional model cost of CHF 50 per person, which will be charged at the end of the course.

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