Marble Reliefs on the Presbytery Wall


From 1969 Marianne Grunder has been creating large wall reliefs with concrete elements. For this she often used two contrasting and sometimes three different pieces that relate to each other. The black-green-brown windows, the yellow shallow niches and the silver-grey stone roof inspired the sculptor to create reliefs from local marble for the blank spaces on the side façade.

The three reliefs that are above each other in a vertical axis, with their diagonally cut sides and the divided vertical shapes, align perfectly with the horizontal axis of the adjacent window casements. The fourth relief, above right, a graded and almost circular disc above the ledge piece, provides a contrast to the other three. The four-piece relief work is characterized by sequence and variation of ‘window’ – shutter, window frame and casement- the congruity and the comparison of square and circle – aspects that have long been at the centre of Marianne Grunder’s work.





In 2009 Marianne Grunder received the ‘Prix Meret Oppenheim 2008’ from the Federal Office for Culture. It was the eighth time in this year that the ‘Prix Meret Oppenheim’ had been awarded. The prize is presented to Swiss artists, architects and art agents and dealers who are more than 40 years old and whose work and academic positions have particular relevance for art and architecture in the present time.




The Reliefs:


The surface of the reliefs is brushed. This particular surface treatment produces a matt finish on the Cristallina marble thus making its crystals sparkle in the sunlight.




The four-part relief in local Peccia marble, created specifically for this mountain village by Marianne Grunder, was bought in 2009. It will be officially presented to the Parish of Peccia.

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