Sculpting for beginners

Stone sculpting has since ancient times been a delightful activity and can be practised by anyone. Many people have an affinity with this kind of art. From matter, a piece of stone or marble, we can – with patience and imagination - create a new form with the simplest of tools.
These courses for beginners are also suitable for advanced students who wish to put their creative ideas into practice, with our professional and individual support.

The fascination of stone sculpting

There is a creative potential in every human being and it can be fostered and improved. Again and again we experience in our workshops that the opportunities to shape and form bring out true miracles. Undreamt-of talents come to light and give the creators of artistic works much joy, confidence and, at times, new insights which do not only relate to the stone.

You are confronted with the stone, an object one has to examine, and an object with a resistance that can only be overcome and released with much patience and perseverance. Working with a stone, a "being" which is many millions of years old and which can fill us with awe, is a special occupation and to this day it is the archaic seeming tools with which one can produce such magic. Here in Peccia you will find a worksite with a very special ambience, people who are keenly interested, and all the necessary professional provisions.

If you decide to choose this workshop it would be advantageous to reflect in advance on how to realize your idea. Drawings and models are helpful. Please note that stone is a compact material. It does not lend itself for just any shape. Please try to think with the stone in mind.
Things you should bring with you:
Head-cover; your own protective glasses as well as sun-glasses; work gloves and workingclothes; good shoes; wrist supports; a raincoat or mackintosh.


The course language is German, but most of the tutors also speaks French, Italian or English.


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