Sculpting for advanced students I with topic "male - female"

In each advanced sculpting course the focus is on the examination of a particular artistic theme. This course is about "male - female". It is hoped that, as time goes on, you will develop a style of your own. The study of a given theme opens up new dimensions for us and helps us to find new starting-points.

Theme: "Male - Female "
Male, female - apart from the figurative representation of man and woman, we could ask ourselves if, in stone sculpture, there is such a thing as a male sculpture, a female sculpture? Are there formal languages that are perceived as distinctly feminine or distinctly masculine?

Moreover, do female sculptors work and feel differently from their male colleagues? With these questions in mind, we want to approach our art object. The completely individual examination begins with the choice of our work from the beautiful Peccia marble: do we choose as a starting point a rough piece of stone or one that is partially or completely tailored to the prism?
As we work on the stone, mindful of our own ideas of form, we will see the gradual emergence of our very own sculpture . - The stones are waiting for us -

I am curious what we will do with them in the two weeks and look forward to it, 
Roland Hotz

Essential requirement for the course: Good basic stone sculpting skills.

We will work with Cristallina marble, but please feel free to choose another material if you wish.

Course languages: German


21. 07. - 02. 08. 2019

Sculpting for advanced students I

Roland Hotz
1,600.00 CHF 
Sculpting for advanced students II