Sculpting for advanced students I with topic "Encounter"

In each advanced sculpting course the focus is on the examination of a particular artistic theme. This course is about "Encounter". It is hoped that, as time goes on, you will develop a style of your own. The study of a given theme opens up new dimensions for us and helps us to find new starting-points.

The dialogue, the flirt, the moment, the eye-catcher, the surprise: A woman, a man, faces, mountains, flowers, the sun, dreams.... These keywords describe possible aspects of the personal approach to the topic “Encounter”,  a confrontation with the emotional gut feeling, in a spontaneous confrontation with the known and the unknown and strange, with joy and pain. Amazement!
After a short introduction on Monday morning, we look for our stones. Then, approaching the subject gently, we work according to our personal whim, with drawings, clay studies, or spontaneous carving in stone, mutual discussions and suggestions. This is how we get into the flow: - by carving our own stone images -  stone sculptures with a human message. A lot is possible.
I am looking forward to two weeks in a reflective and active environment. Peccia, forever surprising.  

Roland Hotz, Stone sculptor

Essential requirement for the course: Good basic stone sculpting skills.

We will work with Cristallina marble, but please feel free to choose another material if you wish.

Course languages: German


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