Building a hollow human figure with clay

Starting with the idea of an intended posture and its associated body shape we will build a hollow figure (approx. 1 metre in height) with the possibility of firing it. The work material is rough-textured clay.

Dry, leather-hard, slurry - what can clay do in different degrees of firmness? We will begin with the study of materials and try to use the newly discovered knowledge to build a hollow figure of max. one meter in height. Perhaps in the end, insights into the hollow form will remain visible? The figures can be coloured in the course of the construction process. How do colour and form interact? Concentration on the torso or body fragments is conceivable. You can bring pictures with you, but you can also be inspired on site by the material to create a body shape.

We use coarsely fireclayed red and white burning clay as well as porcelain as work materials. We will make plaster stamps, to give the clay its own surface structure.

The figures will be taken home in leather-hard condition, and can be fired later when they are completely dry, in your own environment.

Charge for materials approx. CHF 100.- to CHF 200.- per person.

Language of the course is german, the teacher speeks also french and english.


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