The Human Hand – artistic implementation

Aim of the course:
Even important works of art history often surprise us with their elaboration of the extremities (hands, feet) that are not equal to the overall sculpture. Therefore, this course deliberately focuses on these “neglected” body parts, starting with the hands. Since three-dimensional representations of the body gain in persuasiveness when they are depicted from internal perception and are not limited to viewing from the outside, we gradually approach their three-dimensional image through the conscious and playful experience of our own hands. Various forms of artistic expression are tried out, based on the anatomically correct image and leading to a unique artistic three-dimensional design. The aim is to experience and implement the theme “Hand" in a sensitive, anatomically correct and increasingly artistic manner. At the same time we offer inputs from anatomy, art history, various techniques and different materials. We expect that at least one individual piece of work will be created.

Day 1 Approaching the subject "Hand"

-        Awareness of one’s own hand (structure, functionality, individual characteristics, emotional expression, games...)
-        Theme “Tracks": Hand print on/in different carrier media (paper, sand [by the river], clay slab...)
-        Short videos of various drawing approaches to the hand
-        Drawing one’s own hands (different techniques, image carriers, topics). First miniatures in clay emerge

Day 2 Hand Print

-        Brief introduction to the construction and dismantling principle in sculpture
-        Casting one’s own hands in plaster of paris
-        First exercises with materials and tools (paper, wire, found objects, clay…)
-        Short input on art history of the hands; representation of hands and especially their skin in art history (veins, finger nails, light-shadow, theory of beauty, theory of ugliness…)
-        Opening the casts

Day 3 Working on your own personal project

-        Selection of your own personal techniques and materials based on the work, results from the first two working days
-        Creation of the basic framework/preparing the workplace
-        Short input on the anatomy of the hands (bone structure, base and mode of action of the tendons, muscle course…)
-        Individual support with the implementation of the project ideas (selection of suitable materials, techniques, approach)

Day 4 Work on your own personal project

-        Short input representation of skin, veins, deformations, differences between male and female hands, ---light, shadow, volume
-        Individual support with the creative process

Day 5

-        Completing your own project
-        Completion of casting from day 2
-        Display of works in space (inside/outside)
-        Photographing the works and presentation
-        Final meeting, sharing experiences and cleaning up

Course language: German (Other languages spoken by course leader: IT/FR/EN)

FOTOS: Handsculptures by Bruce Nauman

"Die Kathedrale" by Auguste Rodin

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