Life modelling II

In this course we will dive into the universe of figurative design. We look at man himself and also how man has represented himself across the ages. We are also considering from a present viewpoint where the added value of a creative implementation could lie, where we could simply scan the model, the human, and print it out in 3D.

Working with clay is like sketching with pencil and eraser, simply 3 dimensional. You can experiment, play, remove and start again. Attempts at abstraction or the in-depth study of anatomy can be approached in a playful way thanks to endless opportunities for correction. A modelled figure can thus also become the basis of a sculptural project in stone or bronze. The course programme is not rigidly defined. Combined with anatomy teaching and depending on the interests of the participants, the work can be more abstract/experimental or more realistic. The construction technique can also be freely selected. Depending on the figures, they may be fired, or cast in a more durable material. It is also possible to work in large format using an iron armature. Several technical and theoretical inserts with the most basic rules of anatomy and proportions in the body, head and face are included in this course.

The material used for modelling is clay. Course participants will be shown various modelling techniques and how to use the different tools.

There will be an additional charge of CHF 80.- per person for the model.

Individual figures can be cast in the silicone casting course.


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