Life modelling I

We deal with measurement and proportion of the human body. Our own observations of the basic proportions give us security when building up clay sketches and make it easier to work in front of a life model.

Our main concern is finding the ‘Great Form’. To do this, we build models in different sizes. The differentiation in the hands and the head always corresponds to this ‘Great Form'.

For adequate statics, we work with visible, modelled supports, such as a cloth or a pedestal. Alternatively, we install invisible supports or a wire frame. If the built-in supports or scaffolding cannot be removed without damaging the model, the figure must be dismantled again or cast at home. Smaller nude figures from this course week can be dried at home and fired at around 800°C.

There will be an additional charge of CHF 80.- per person for the model.

The course language is German.

Individual figures can be cast in the silicone casting course.

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