Foot experience - artistically implemented

Aim of the course:
Even important works of art history often surprise us with the elaboration of the extremities that is not on a par with the overall sculpture. This series of courses therefore deliberately focuses on these long-neglected parts of the body, which are often depicted autonomously in modern art. “Foot experience - artistically implemented” is the second part of this course series. In addition to the artistic and creative examination of plasticity, structure and functionality, it also leads us to a personal examination of the expression and imprint of our own feet. We approach the three-dimensional image of our feet in a playful and exploratory manner, although excursions into our own biography and other artistic media are expressly encouraged. The aim is to be able to freely experience and artistically implement the topic of the foot in a sensitive, anatomical and increasingly visual way. Inputs from anatomy, art history, various techniques and different materials are offered. At least one of your own workpieces is created in the construction process. At the end of the course there will be a presentation of selected works and associated work processes.

Il piede - un'esperienza di creazione artistica
Aim of the course:
Structure of the course:
Day 1 Footprints - what my feet say...
We begin with: How do I present my feet? From favourite shoe to artistic work
Consciously experiencing your own feet (radius, limitation, sensitivity, unimagined abilities…)
Structure, functionality, individual characteristics, games my feet play
Tactile, creative, rhythmic and poetic exploration of my feet – what does that have to do with me?
Playing with materials and techniques in 3D – fragments of a sculpture
Experimenting and documenting in colour, photography, drawing - the first images emerge.
Day 2 footprint – foot plastic – foot cast; where do I stand, how do I walk, who am I?
- Short input on art history; representation of feet and portraying them in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation - theory of the beautiful, theory of the ugly, fragmentary-holistic representation, light-shadow and much more.
- Exploring selected techniques from printing and sculpture, such as:
 Various carrier media and printing techniques
 building and breaking down principle in sculpture
 Positive- negative of a sculpture
 Cast of your own foot
Day 3 Working on your own project
- Selecting your own techniques and materials based on the work results from the first two days
- Setting up your own studio space; creating the basic framework / setting up the workplace / preparing and purchasing materials
- Individual support in the implementation of project ideas
Day 4 Working on your own project
- Individual support in the creative process
- Continue working on your own project
- Complete the foot cast from day 2
Day 5 “Show your feet…” - Setting up a joint exhibition of works
- Completing your own project
- Short input work presentation
- Staging the work in the room (inside/outside) – setting up the exhibition
- Photographing the work and presentation
- Final discussion, exchange of experiences and clean-up
Course language German.
Language skills course leader: IT / FR / EN

Richard Brixel, Love / David Černý, Quo Vadis / Johannes Rigozzi, Finally / Adolph F. E. von Menzel, Le pied de l’artiste


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