Earth Mother and Nymph - Modelling

Draw from the collective human memory of myths - think in pictures - translate into sculptures...

We model according to ancient Greece. I teach you working techniques with the material clay and terracotta. We work with gravity and the surface. We model a larger work and several small plastics. Afterwards everything is fired in the kiln - and is very valuable as terracotta.

Earth mothers and nymphs are two opposing types of women that we interpret individually. For me they are an expression of the psychological diversity of Greek mythology. I like Greek mythology because it offers us a lot of plastic possibilities. The earth mother shows the heaviness of the material, which consists of the element earth, and the nymph shows the eroticism of the surface and the tense form. We can highlight individual aspects, the uncanny, the familiar, the attraction, the dark, the wit.
The models we create in the process are to be understood as finished works of art or as models that can later be chiseled into the stone.


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